Entry #1

Well here I am

2007-12-16 16:45:38 by Blackmagic

So here is my first message left on Newgrounds in what seems like a lifetime since I last did.
I cannot bring the words to express the skill that the creators have put into making it, and the dumb 13 year old shitheads who use it.

It is such a shame that what was such a great website has now been reduced to another shitty Myspace,


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2008-01-28 19:54:56

o well


2008-03-09 15:27:50

Hey Blackmagic, eres uno de los mejores Clocks que hay en la CC para mi.


2008-03-29 20:27:25

i wouldnt say so. we can make newgrounds graet again, if the right people taem up


2008-06-18 21:24:18

you forgot to put to too and two in your signature...
in fact i know an EIGHTEEN year old who cant tell the difference between to/ too


2011-11-07 18:46:38

+add me as a friend on myspace.

LOL jk, sup, blackmagic, im a clock, and a fan of your work, how are you?